Nia is a seonsory-based movement practice.  Find the pleasure of living in your body by increasing strength, flexibility, agility,mobility, stability and developing awareness to wellness and fitness.  Nia is practiced barefoot with soul stirring music and movement, creating your magic in the moment of creative spontaneity.   Integrating 9 movement forms, the energy of Dance Arts - Jazz,  Modern Dance, Duncan Dance, with elements of Healing Arts - Yoga, Alexander Technique, Works of Moshe Felenkreis and  Martial Arts - Taekwondo,  Taichi, and Aikido.

The Nia Technique was created in 1983 by Debbie and Carlos Rosas who revolutionized the fitness industry by taking off their shoes and designing a workout that seeks “pleasure” not pain.

Exploring The Body’s Way, students embody the joy of movement to achieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being leading to a transformational experience.

Feel good in the body you live in and be motivated to make the change by having fun.  Nia is adaptable to students of all levels, from beginners, dancers to athletes.

.“Nia is a fitness odyssey...”

                            The New York Times 

.“My spirit took off.  I had the best time of

  my life and remembered why I fell in love   

  with dance.”             Dance Magazine

.“Let go of your body, mind, and soul with

  Nia.”                      Fit Yoga Magazine